We tailor our suite of assessment tools and processes to your specific needs.



The most successful organizations from around the world employ Board and leadership assessment solutions to maximize team performance.

Ensuring sustainable organizational growth is key in moving across organizational growth cycles.

By identifying internal candidates that have the ability or potential to take on new and more senior roles in the future, the organization delivers impact over time. This is achieved by mapping current abilities against the future requirements of both organizational goals, as well as individual executive capabilities.

Our assessments map ability and potential against current and future competencies.

Our approach

Succession Planning

Contingencies are critical, especially when impacting the upper levels of organizations. Still those impacts are often neglected and leadership transitions unanticipated and abrupt.

We have the know-how and the experience to help you implement bespoke, preemptive and methodical processes to detect your future leaders and prepare them to take those new, sometimes unexpected executive challenges.

These comprehensive programs would include Succession Planning in the proactive and systematic process of identification and creation of future leaders for the organization.

Unfortunately, many companies neglect the need for a comprehensive succession plan and thus for an orderly transition of the company, division or department to the new leadership.

 We have partnered with many client organizations in designing and deploying such programs which normally would include talent review strategy, internal leadership talent assessment and benchmark, implementation of the adequate protocols for leaders positioning, development and if needed, talent acquisition.


Leadership Assessment

Leadership assessment serves the purpose of maximizing organizational performance and aligning executive potential with business strategies. It gives an objective identification of where the most promising high-potential capacities lie inside your organization and enable them to capitalize on untapped future business leaders.

INAC consultants master tested methodologies and advanced assessment tools that allow us to go dive deeper in the discovering and mapping of the hidden leadership talent to drive change, inspire innovation and catalyze sustainable growth.

Our Leadership Assessment services continuously advice and support clients worldwide in their endeavors to:

  • Profile internal and external candidates for senior managerial roles.
  • Evaluate critical talent to support high potential development.
  • Support a comprehensive and structured executive succession planning.
  • Support team and executive development.

World-class leadership development programs by design.


Implementing world-class leadership development programs in our clients is what we have been doing for more than 25 years.

Assuring that the recently placed executives will be integrated effortlessly and effectively and that your new leaders are equipped with the specific competencies, tools, and behaviors to confidently provide others with inspirational leadership and drive the performance of teams or businesses is not only our responsibility but the reason behind the successful track record of our executive placements.

Our approach


Onboarding accelerates the assimilation of new hires into senior leadership roles and integrates executives in a more structured and effective way. By strategically immersing new leaders into a corporate culture, businesses can make a more meaningful impact and empower teams for long term success.

At a time when cross-industry and cross-function moves are becoming more common, onboarding is crucial to bridge the gaps. We help you sustain high-performance through leadership transitions by creating onboarding plans tailored to the role requirements, your corporate culture, and the capabilities and background of the incoming executive. We support recently hired or internally-promoted executives with the knowledge and strategies required to:

  • Meet the expectations of the role;
  • Achieve performance management goals;
  • Navigate stakeholder and decision-making networks;
  • Understand cultural nuances and driving principles;
  • Drive short and long-term success.



We see Executive Coaching as the process of empowering leaders and senior management teams to maximize their performance in alignment with the goals and objectives of their business organization. Our experienced certified executive coachers are capable of recognizing the strengths of the individual leaders and establish with them supportive, trustful and confidential partnerships to maximize their business and leadership potential.

INAC offices worldwide are ready to provide high-quality Executive Coaching services to managers supporting them in their personal and professional self-awareness journey. We do that by stimulating the right environment to identify strengths and explore new development possibilities, performance improvement strategies, and action plans.


We deliver unique global expertise with our interim search practice.


Interim management serves the short-term pragmatism in organizations that are undergoing transition, restructuring or cost efficiency programs.

Our Interim Search practice provides our clients around the world the access to exceptional interim candidates and temporary high-performance assignments.

Our approach

Interim search can be used to inject specific skill sets into a business for a defined project or period of time. We leverage our executive search network and business acumen to provide our clients with professional interim executives for a number of reasons including: bridging a momentary skill gap, managing merger & acquisitions, consolidation and cost efficiency projects, a tactical initiative, programme & project management, transformational change, a crisis management scenario or a near-term component of a broader strategic growth initiative.

Organizations can expect to benefit from an immediate, flexible, seasoned resource who can also provide a fresh and independent viewpoint on important business decisions and can act as a valuable partner to the board in shaping the strategic and operational future of the business.


As companies become global and invest in key markets, recruiting targeted directors from those markets can deliver a critical competitive advantage.



We deliver unique expertise, access and outreach for every Board of Director assignment we undertake.

Our approach

With an ever-increasing demand for accountability and transparency in the boardroom, and so few seats available, it makes sense to proactively recruit the very best and build great boards.

Clients can benefit from INAC’s unique corporate governance expertise and partner with member firms around the world to strengthen their board and ensure that it adds significant value to the company. Our seven-step, comprehensive executive search process is proven for the following situations:

  • public and private companies
  • advisory boards
  • industry boards
  • nonprofit boards
  • boards seeking diversity without compromising exceptional achievement and attributes
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