November 2023
12th INAC EMEA Reginal Meeting 2023 – Copenhagen

Hosted by INAC Denmark, the 2023 edition of our EMEA Regional Meeting took place in magical Copenhagen. Partners from all over Europe gathered for a two-day event at the Tivoli Hotel & Congress Centre, just a few minutes away from Copenhagen’s center.

Our first day kicked off with the “reintroduction” of INAC Italy, welcoming new partners that joined the INAC workgroup – a relationship that has been highly valued by INAC and its members for many years now. This was also an opportunity to showcase all the different services and projects INAC Italy has alligned for the coming years.

INAC is more than just an alliance of different members. We are focused on how we can help our members face their adversities, achieve their goals, and celebrate their successes. For this year’s edition, we took the time to listen to our partners, to learn even more about their struggles, needs and expectations – a never ending task. After conducting an internal survey, prior to our meeting, we brought many different topics to the table which resulted in an interesting and comprehensive discussion about the challenges, solutions, and best practices that our members are currently facing and implementing in their own markets, leading to solutions and best practices that may leverage everyone’s business development.

During the EMEA Regional Meeting, INAC Global also took the opportunity to officially present and launch the Chemistry Expert Group, as well as the Pharma Expert Group. With highly-specialized partners, that hold a long lasting track record in both of these areas, INAC Global offers a unique solution when it comes to advising and consulting within the Chemistry and Pharma industries.

“When does Talent beat Experience?” – a question that tends to pop up and with no definitive answer. To help us out with this topic, we had the experience and knowledge of Allan Nielsen, from Nexans Norway.
Working within a complex and multifaced industry, Allan Nielsen guided us through the hardships of an ever-evolving market, that affects Executive Search every day.
With practical examples on how to lead a diverse and global team, across multiple markets, Allan Nielsen made us think about talent vs experience, a though exercise, specially nowadays, where the workplace can be a more demanding one, and careers can change in a blink of an eye.

The end of the day was marked with an exclusive and guided visit to an extraordinary museum, the Glyptoteket where everyone enjoyed not only the beautiful indoor winter garden, but also an amazing collection of antiquities during a guided visit.
To top it all off, a typical Danish dinner made everyone wish for more.

The second and last day of our EMEA Regional Meeting was an exciting one, with a very special guest that marveled us with its knowledge on a very interesting topic: AI. Halvor Belbo Lukerstuen, from NTT DATA, guided us through the unknown of AI, exploring the topic “AI in Executive Search”, an excellent and hands-on panel that grabbed everyone’s attention, promoting a healthy discussion on how it can be used to your advantage and what to look out when dealing with recruitment processes. Members then applied what Halvor Belbo Lukerstuen thought on the topic, specilly Chat GPT, allowing us to move on to the next topic of our work agenda: reavaluating the network’s startegy and goals for the future, having in mind the questionnaire’s results.

A two-day event that resulted in some very special conclusions, with a few new guidelines on how to navigate this complex and intricate market.
A special thank you to our INAC Denmark partners for hosting such a successful and inspiring meeting.

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