September 2023
SPOTLIGHT Chemistry #6 by INAC Germany I

Released by our partner INAC Germany I, the series “SPOTLIGHT chemistry” is designed to keep you up to date with the latest news and highlights in the chemical industry.
Each month, our Germann partner will give you all the breaking news of what happened in the last few weeks.
Don’t miss out and get exclusive insights first hand.

Deep Red Numbers
The chemical industry in Rhineland-Palatinate experiences significant declines in revenue and orders of nearly 40% in the first half of the year.
High energy costs, bureaucracy, overregulation, and a lack of production cost competitiveness contribute to plant shutdowns and investment outflows abroad.


The “Perfect” Solution
A research group consisting of the University of Rostock, University of Magdeburg, and two other institutes has been granted 3Million Euros by the German Research Foundation for a 4-year study aimed at developing sustainable chemical reactions for fine chemicals products. The goal is to create nearly waste-free renewable manufacturing processes utilizing catalysts, solvents, and advanced membrane techniques.


Berlin-based chemistry start-up Carbon One plans to construct a pilot facility for methanol production using an innovative process, forming a significant partnership.
The company aims to produce friendly ship fuel to alleviate pressure on shipping companies to adopt eco-friendly fuels.


Focus on Innovation
In the first half of 2023, the speciality chemical corporation ALANTA recorded an 11% decrease in revenue to 1.393 Billion Euros due to decreased demand and high material costs amidst economic downturn.
Nonetheless, the company increased investments by 52%, elevated research and development spending by 52%, and announced the second-largest acquisition in its history, the acquisition of Von Roll Holding AG.


BASF has doubled its production capacity for water-soluble dispersing agents in Turkey to better support customers in EMEA in the detergent, cleaning, and chemical industries. The additional capacities will be available from the third quarter of 2023, following the capacity expansion at Ludwigshafen site in 2020.


Sarena Lin, former Chief Talent Officer and Labor Director at Bayer, unexpectedly departs the company at the end of August after holding her position for two and a half years. Neither Lin nor Bayer disclosed the specific reason for her departure, but it is speculated that changes in corporate leadership under new CEO Bill Anderson may have played a role.

SPOTLIGHT Chemistry #6 by INAC Germany I

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