June 2023
Interview “HeadHunter Germany” by INAC Brazil

Rcently interviewed by INAC Brazil on their series “Headhunter”, INAC Germany’s partner, Cedric Schütz, talked about the market and the relationship of executive selections within the Brazilian market.

Which industry-sectors are growing the strongest in Germany and which positions are currently in particularly high demand?

Germany is experiencing significant growth in sectors such as Chemistry/Pharma, Renewable Energy, Sustainable Mobility, E-Commerce, and Fintech. These industries contribute to economic development and innovation. German pharmaceutical companies are renowned for their research and development, while the country leads the global transition to renewable energy sources. Sustainable mobility solutions, such as electric vehicles, are actively promoted, and Germany has seen substantial growth in e-commerce, with a strong logistics infrastructure. The Fintech sector has also experienced remarkable growth, attracting international investments and positioning Germany as a hub for innovation. These sectors drive economic growth and address global challenges, shaping Germany’s future.
In these expanding sectors, there is a high demand for professionals with expertise in various areas. Research and development, engineering, digital marketing, data analytics, and specialized knowledge related to each sector are particularly sought after. In Renewable Energy, professionals specializing in energy storage technologies, grid integration, and smart grid management are needed. Sustainable Mobility requires engineers specializing in electric vehicle design, battery technology, and charging infrastructure. Professionals experienced in sustainable supply chain management and logistics are also in demand. In the Chemistry/Pharma sector, skilled technicians and engineers specialized in pharmaceutical manufacturing processes and quality control or regulatory are essential. These sectors offer exciting opportunities for individuals with diverse skill sets to contribute to Germany’s growth and innovation.

Do your clients open opportunities to executives from South America, especially Brazil?

Yes, absolutely! In recent years, German companies and clients have shown openness to attracting talents and executives from South America. Especially Brazil plays an important role within. The cultural similarities between Germany and Brazil make it easier for professionals to integrate into German organizations. This exchange benefits both parties, with German companies gaining new perspectives and market knowledge while Brazilian professionals gain international experience and career growth opportunities. The collaboration fosters innovation and market expansion. The ongoing partnership between Germany and Brazil exemplifies the global nature of talent acquisition and the potential for mutually beneficial relationships in today’s interconnected world. Our clients value the diverse perspectives and experiences that executives bring along and actively promote an inclusive culture that values different backgrounds and viewpoints. This enables executives to feel valued and empowered to contribute their unique expertise to drive business growth.

What characteristics and qualities do managers from Brazil have to bring with them in order to be successful in Germany?

Managers from Brazil who aspire to succeed in Germany should possess specific qualities to adapt to the German business environment and effectively lead their teams. From my perspective there are crucial characteristics and traits for being successful: Being open-minded, flexible, and understanding German cultural nuances, such as hierarchy and punctuality. In terms of leadership skills, one should emphasize collaboration, empowerment, and accountability to inspire and motivate teams, build relationships, and foster a positive work culture. Problem-solving and decision-making abilities as well as an adaptability to change are also crucial factors. Being resilient, open to new ideas, receptive to feedback, and quickly adapting strategies to meet evolving market demands are on the course! By embodying all these qualities, related to a great business acumen, it makes it more likely for foreign executives to enhance their chances of success in Germany.

As a headhunter, what advice would you give to a Brazilian executive within the recruitment process?

As a German headhunter, there are some recommendations I would make. First of all, familiarize yourself with the specific dynamics and requirements of the German job market. Research the industries and companies that interest you and gain insights into their expectations and hiring practices. Based on that research adapt and tailor your resume (no cover letter needed) to align with the German business context. Highlight your relevant skills and achievements that are applicable to the positions you are targeting. While English proficiency is essential, consider investing some time in learning basic German words as “Guten Tag” or “Vielen Dank” and use it as an “Ice-Breaker” 😉. Demonstrating language skills can significantly enhance your chances of success and show your commitment and interest of the local conditions. During an interview with HR or Hiring Managers you shout focus and emphasize the value of your international experience and highlight how your background can bring a unique perspective and value to the company’s success in a globalized business environment. Prepare examples of how you have successfully addressed challenges or achieved results in previous roles. But not only address challenges, also talk about daily situations from your everyday life as a manager. Emphasizing collaboration, empowerment, and effective team management and to demonstrate your ability to work well in diverse teams and foster a positive work culture is crucial. Highlight your commitment to continuous learning and professional development. If needed discuss relevant trainings, certifications, or courses you have completed to enhance your skills and stay updated in your field but always keep an eye on your interview partner. Intermediate questions such as “Should I elaborate on this” or “Do you need more information on this training/activity” are welcome.

At the end it is all about patience and persistence. Don’t be disappointed if the recruitment process takes time. Stay positive, maintain a proactive approach, and pursuing your career goals.

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