May 2023
INAC Global hosts its 50th annual conference in New York

INAC Global, together with its American partner hosted the network’s 50th annual general assembly in New York, between April 26 and 28, 2023. The New York Hilton Midtown Hotel, right in the heart of Manhattan welcomed all of INAC’s members for a three day event, with a packed agenda and activities.

INAC Global Executive Search

This is one of the network’s most special events, where partners all over the globe come together to discuss all things executive search related, from business trends to challenges and successes.
And this year was an even more special occasion, as INAC Global welcomed new partners and met some new faces for the very first time. Having new members joining the organization is always exciting and, seeing how they rapidly fit in is even more exceptional.

Like all the previous editions, INAC Global 50th AGA received outside speakers to share their insights, stories, knowledge and experience with the group. It’s a very anticipated segment as it allows members to interact with a person that perhaps they most likely wouldn´t have the chance to, making it an even more special and unique.

Sustainability is on everyone’s mind and it is no different at INAC Global. During the meeting, partners had the chance to welcome a very special guest, Chef Peter Betz, Director of Culinary at the New York Hilton Midtown Hotel who has a very interesting and impactful project – beehives in one of the hotel’s rooftop. Not only is this a way of protecting an endangered species, but also a way of promoting an essential ecosystem crucial for the planet. The production of honey allows the hotel to use it on a daily basis, but also allows it to sell it as a local and sustainable product. The concept of this idea made everyone think of what and how to promote local initiatives in their own markets.

And on the matter of Sustainability, a selected group of INAC Global members worked together in a panel to showcase and talk about how ESG correlates to Executive Search, which caught everyone’s attention and promoted a healthy discussion on what is being done across the network, in local markets and how one can promote it even more and encourage others to do the same.

Working with Boards is a very exclusive and specialized niche in Executive Search. It takes years of experience, an in depth knowledge of the market and industries. With a dedicated panel formed by INAC Global members, who are considered established experts in this area, this was an excellent chance for those who are thinking of exploring this field to learn about the ins and outs.

Client Journey should be considered at all times. Executive Search market can be a very competitive and tricky place and it’s important to stand out from the crowd and to be able to differentiate in the marketplace. This year’s edition tried to emphasize this topic by including it in its agenda, once again, with the insights of INAC Global members who, together in a panel, shared their knowledge and advice.

But it was not all business. INAC Global and INAC USA planned out some special moments, such as dinners. Bobby Van’s was one of the restaurants selected for these occasions ad by the smiles on everyone’s faces, it seems that it was indeed an excellent choice.

INAC Global @ Bobby Van’s

This year, INAC Global also awarded some of its members for their contribution and impact within the network.

INAC Colombia was once again the winner of the “INAC Global Business Exchange” award, a recognition given to those who have promoted the most assignments within the network. Santiago Silva, partner of INAC Colombia is an essential figure when it comes to developing business opportunities between the members of the organization and is a true believer in creating synergies that allow all members to grow and develop and, in his own words “INAC Global is more than an organization, it’s a family and, therefore success needs to be shared with everyone”.

INAC Global also decided to recognize a very special member for its dedication and commitment, a driving force within the network who has been essential in delivering projects and connecting members, leaving all borders behind. For that reason, INAC Global awarded Ángeles Madrigal from INAC Mexico with the “INAC Global Outstanding Dedication” trophy. A truly special moment that will be treasured by all.

For Rui Borges, President of INAC Global, “the success of this 50th annual general assembly lies within its members. There is no doubt that we have amazing people amongst us, that make INAC Global a unique and strong network. Being able to meet with everyone in-person, welcoming new faces and reconnecting with old ones is very special. Each year new challenges arise and the executive search market in in constant evolution, it is important for all of us to have a global vision of what is happening not only with ourselves, but with our peers. Together we are able to achieve great things. That’s why these moments are so cherished by all of us. There is a bond that goes beyond he business aspect. We care and route for each other”.

A very special thank you to INAC USA, an incredible host that welcomed and made everyone feel at home and, to all INAC Global partners for joining the INAC Global 50th Annual General Assembly.

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