September 2020
Extending a Ray of Hope

Few situations in living memory mirror the kind of situation that everyone across the world is experiencing with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. It has been traumatic in varying degrees for those who have got impacted.
The first category are comprise those, who have got infected with infection, the most badly infected among them succumbing to the illness.

It has also been traumatic not physically but mentally for those businesses whose business operations have either come to a halt or brought down to a level where it has not been possible to sustain the business operations.

There is yet another category of people, who have either lost their jobs or for whom the writin on the wall is clear – it is just a matter of time before their services would be terminated. For us as Executive Search Consultants many of them would be people that we would know as candidates, with whom we have interacted in the past or in the present.

The situation created for this third category of people rendered jobless presents an opportunity for executive search firms to beyond their traditional role as advisors to corporations and to step up to the plate and extend a ray of hope and moral support to this third category of individuals to uplift their spirits and keep them motivated during a challenging period in their lives.

Here is what we as Search Consultants can do:

  1. Do not let the candidates blame themselves for the loss of the job – let them appreciate that it is no one’s fault. Organization need to ensure that they stay financially viable. They would need to reduce costs, especially in situations where revenues have been dropping. One of the easiest ways to reduce costs is to let go of people.
  2. Let them appreciate, that when one door closes another door opens. They may be stuck in a job that they do not enjoy but feel compelled to stay in it. Here is their opportunity to find an opportunity that interests them. Some of the most compelling executive success stories have been the result of the individual losing his job in one organization and leading the individual to take on another role, in which he/she enjoys far greater success.
  3. Let the candidates take this opportunity to assess their own capabilities and strengths. Most individuals are not aware of their true capabilities and strengths. This is the time to make that self-appraisal. There are a number of psychometric assessment tools available. You could guide them on the most suitable instruments. They could also ascertain their true strengths in discussions with colleagues, relatives and well-wishers.
  4. The fourth step would be for them to scope the opportunities in the marketplace in the current situation. Encourage them to do the research and discuss their findings with you.
  5. Armed with a knowledge of their capabilities and strengths and a knowledge of opportunities in the marketplace, they may realize that that there is a skill gap, which requires to be bridged.
  6. Encourage them to hone the skills required by researching and registering for these courses. With better preparation on their part, it is only a question of time before they are able to find suitable opportunities.

By Clarence Lobo – INAC UAE

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