Financial Services includes expertise in Banking, Insurance and Financial Services. Insurance sectors face fewer natural catastrophes, pension funds profit from the recovering worldwide stock markets and financial service providers remain firm due to persistent private consumption. Primarily, banking faces a reduction of employees and a hiring freeze, even on a multinational level.

Skills needed


Strong management skills, product and sector knowledge, geographical know-how and risk management skills will be the most needed to contain the damages and grow the industry profitably during this period of reconstruction.
All players in the sector will need to reassess their business models and continue to train and develop the best talent at all levels in order to meet the demands of the marketplace and the regulators. Existing and emerging financial service firms will need to staff their teams with experienced managers who have successfully managed downturns and demonstrated that they can grow sustainable revenues innovatively. Language skills, cultural adaptability and geographic expertise are important criteria in the search process.

Focus areas

  • Corporate and Consumer Banking: This encompasses all banking products for commercial, corporate and retail clients. Products include balance sheet based commercial loans, trade finance, mortgages, branch banking services, consumer loans, credit cards, collections finances and institutional sales.
  • Asset and Wealth Management: Asset management focuses on both corporate and retail clients, whereas wealth management focuses on individuals and their trusts. Investments, products, client relationships, distributions, marketing, trust management, custodial knowledge and experience are keys for success.
  • Investment Banking and Capital Markets: Investment banking and capital market firms cover the more sophisticated financial products such as leveraged transactions, mezzanine financing, structured trade finance, project finance, risk management products, derivatives and the sale and trading of both equity and capital market products.
  • Private Equity: The global reach of private equity has brought a demand for executives who can innovatively select, assess and recommend sizeable investments in companies throughout the world. Sound knowledge of corporate and investment banking products and risk management expertise are key attributes for success.
  • Insurance: This sector covers the full spectrum of insurance products such as non-life, life, health, reinsurance and annuity. INAC’s expertise encompasses insurance companies, brokers, intermediaries and insurance service providers.



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