By Joan O'Rourke, Partner at OneWorld Consulting
An INAC Global Executive Search Partner

Recruitment best practices in Turkey

Your company wants to enter the Turkish market and you are concerned about finding and attracting top talent. The recruitment best practices you have at home will also apply in the Turkish market; that is, you need to thoroughly assess and evaluate candidates for key roles, including:

  • Do your research about what kind of talent profiles you can and cannot expect to find. A locally-based executive search agency should be able to help with this.
  • Know the salary levels and benefits for the sector so you can make a competitive offer.
  • Be realistic about your talent needs; i.e. avoid recruiting people who are over- or under-qualified for the role.
  • Benchmark the people you meet against others.
  • Value calibre and quality of talent over people who appear to have the right connections or network.
  • Do proper reference checks.
  • Do your due diligence and use your common sense, just as you would do at home.

Some local considerations

Although talent recruitment is similar in Turkey as elsewhere, for foreign companies recruiting Turkish talent for the first time, there are some things to keep in mind. Pay attention and be respectful of cultural differences. Be open-minded in assessing candidates, as they may be younger than you might expect in your home country. For example, we worked with an international client whose hiring manager was based in Europe, that person was surprised to see highly qualified Turkish candidates with eight to ten years of experience versus the fifteen+ years of experience that the same job holder in the UK would have.

When entering a new talent marketplace, it is always advantageous to partner with a local talent recruitment expert to not only identify the best talent options available, but also to provide insight and support throughout the talent placement process.

Joan O'Rourke is a partner at OneWorld Consulting, an executive search firm based in Istanbul, Turkey. OneWorld Consulting provides tailored solutions to organizations at all stages of the talent lifecycle and has conducted searches in the Middle East, North and South Africa and Central Asia. OneWorld is part of the INAC Global executive search organization.

About INAC:
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