The Human-Side of Regional Competitiveness

Was the title of the workshop organised on 25.5.2015 by the CEU Business School in Budapest as a follow up on publishing of the TARGET Executive Search - CEU EXPAT Study 2015 of how over 1100 senior expatriate managers view current local management culture in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia.

The workshop participants, among whom were top representatives of Bosch, GE, Advantage Austria in Hungary together with the study sponsors, TARGET Executive Search CEO Klemens Wersonig and the study co-author, Associate Professor of Management and organisation of CEU, Zoltán Buzády commented on recent developments in the field of CEE management competitiveness.

They concluded that among the concrete implications for doing business successfully are perhaps the most important:

Leadership vs. Managers in CEE
+ Well educated, good skills
+ Work hard
- Have negative mindset
- Should take up more responsibility
- Should focus more long-term

Customer orientation vs. Managers in CEE
- Complicated business organisations
- Bureaucracy very strong
- Customer service mindset missing

Geography vs. Managers in CEE
+ Overall good hospitality in the region
+ Expats enjoy living in CEE
+ CEE usually not considered as the most attractive place to stay/work yet after 1-2 years expats don’t want to leave the region

Change vs. Managers in CEE
+ Younger generation who studied abroad
+ Multinationals brought good management practices
+ Local managers got very good training via expat roles (until 2009)

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