By Joan O'Rourke, Partner at OneWorld Consulting
An INAC Global Executive Search Partner

Starting off right in a new organization

Onboarding coaching is increasingly being used by organizations as a means to help their new employees ensure that they know what is expected of them and assist them to focus on forging the relationships they need to succeed in their new role. The transition skills an executive needs to use in a new role are often underused and underestimated. Onboarding coaching encourages the newly hired candidate to invest time in thinking about their transition process and to identify the skills they need to apply for a successful transition. .

Onboarding coaching support can help new executives avoid some of the common mistakes new employees may make in the early days of their transition, which include:

  • Succumbing to pressure to make decisions too quickly or too slowly
  • Relying too much on what may have worked for them in their past roles/companies
  • Lacking clarity and understanding of what is expected of them in their new role
  • Not building the relationships they need to integrate them into the new organization

Negotiating success as a new leader

International experts recommend that new leaders can "negotiate success" during the onboarding process, which involves proactively engaging with one's new boss to ensure targets are clear and achievable, and building relationships with new colleagues and direct reports. New leaders should also identify and engage those people who will be important for the new employee's success and to diagnose informal networks of influence.

As part of onboarding coaching, we encourage the newly placed candidate to create a detailed onboarding plan noting what they want to achieve on their first day, first week, first month and so on. They also are tasked to take time to learn the culture of the new organization and to invest time in establishing relationships with all stakeholders. When coaching candidates, we also encourage them to ask for and be prepared to give feedback with those stakeholders.

At OneWorld Consulting, we believe onboarding coaching support is extremely valuable, so much so that we provide this service as part of our talent recruitment and placement process. It sets the foundation and direction of an individual's performance and success in the new role.

In addition our coaching work, some books we encourage new executives to read includeMichael Watkins' "The First 90 Days" and Niamh O'Keeffe's "Your First 100 days: How to Make Maximum Impact in Your New Leadership Role." There is also a companion app for the iPhone and Android for "The First 90 Days," which can accessed in the respective app stores or here:
http://hbr.org/books/watkins .

Joan O'Rourke is a partner at OneWorld Consulting, an executive search firm based in Istanbul, Turkey. OneWorld Consulting provides tailored solutions to organizations at all stages of the talent lifecycle and has conducted searches in the Middle East, North and South Africa and Central Asia. OneWorld is part of the INAC Global executive search organization.

About INAC:
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