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INAC Global Executive Search expands in the EMEA Region with a new partner in Denmark.

September, 2018

Add Value – new Danish Member firm at INAC Global Executive Search.

The global footprint of INAC Global Executive Search is growing through the addition of a new international partner firm in Denmark. Add Value, founded led by Thomas Secher brings over 14 years of industry experience to INAC. Besides Executive Search the company offers a range of leadership consulting services.


INAC Global Executive Search announces further expansion with a new member firm in France

October, 2017

The CEO Vision of Latin America.

Last week we were pleased to share the results of our INAC study, Challenges 2015: The CEO Vision of Latin America with CEOs and Human Resources leaders from the region in Mexico City.


INAC Global Executive Search announces further expansion with a new member firm in France

October, 2017

INAC Global Executive Search is delighted to announce the appointment of a new Member Firm in France, Quadra Consultants with offices in Paris, Nantes and Aix-en-Provence.

The company was founded by Henri Micheron in 1995 and since its creation has been serving a wide range of clients in both Industry/Services and Public Sectors. Jean Marie Leroy has been with Quadra for 15 years and in 2015 became President of the company.



September, 2017

Traditional cultural values have become enmeshed with the management clichés and corporate platitudes that are now as much a mystery to their targets as to those that deliver them.

For a topic that matters so much to all involved, how do we so frequently miscommunicate, misinterpret and misjudge cultural capabilities, aspirations and desires? Why, where corporate culture is concerned, does simple courtesy, respect, charm, attentiveness and being mindful of one’s personal responsibilities no longer cut the mustard?
Simple, because culture is complex, idiosyncratic and, ultimately, human.



May, 2017

Red. That’s the colour of a blue moon. A phenomenon. Something that occurs infrequently. Something that takes aeons to come around.
Well, 2.7 years, actually. That’s how often you can catch a blue moon. Not so long, really. It also happens to be roughly the amount of time between now and 2020.
In the same period, by 2020, the Millennial generation will comprise over 50% of the global workforce.


The Human-Side of Regional Competitiveness

June, 2015

Was the title of the workshop organised on 25.5.2015 by the CEU Business School in Budapest as a follow up on publishing of the TARGET Executive Search


INAC Report - Jobs For The Boys?

Women In Leadership – A Global Perspective

27 April, 2015

In the Spring of 2015, Executive Search firms from across the globe came together in Bogota, Colombia, for the annual conference of INAC, the international network of search consultancies.
One of this year’s themes focussed on women in leadership, debating issues such as gender quotas, board diversity and the differences in approach from region to region.


Still A Long Way To Corporate Competitiveness In Central Eastern Europe

21 April, 2015

25 years after the change in regime, critical corporate issues still stop companies in the Central Eastern European region from becoming more competitive. In spite of improvement in many fields, a pan-regional survey of foreign senior managers makes clear that still a lot needs to be done in terms of decreasing bureaucracy, eliminating corruption, focusing on customer service and taking more managerial responsibility.


Quality Over Quantity

1 April, 2015

Networking is a critical tool for emerging directors looking for a seat on the board. Tony Featherstone explains how to build the right governance network.


8 New Partners Accelerate INAC’s Continuing Expansion

Shared executive search expertise across borders, with unrivalled local knowledge and contacts gives clients access to the highest levels of service and quality assurance worldwide. Rigorous vetting of new member firms underpins our commitment to providing executive search excellence globally across multiple industries and sectors.


Women And Minorities On Bank Boards

Susan Schultz from INAC member firm Barker Gilmore searches for companies looking for new board members and always includes a woman on her shortlist of candidates. One woman particularly impressed her in a board search about a year ago for a New York Stock Exchange listed company.
Read the full article published in Bank Board Magazine here.


Getting on board

Susan Schultz from INAC member firm Barker Gilmore writes about getting on board in seven action steps — accompanied by a big dose of persistence, timing and luck. Call it the boardroom Catch-22: It’s difficult to get on a board if you don’t have board experience. But, you can’t get the experience without your first board seat.
Read the full article, published in Director and Boards Magazine here.


INAC Announce New Members in Morocco, Shanghai, Bangkok, Connecticut and Chicago

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Global Assembly, April 2014

During the 43rd Global Assembly for INAC held in Dubai, a number of new member firms were formally accepted into the organisation. New member firms complete a rigorous vetting process to ensure the standards of the INAC global network are upheld. Firms were looked at for their executive search expertise across multiple industries to ensure a capability to deliver assignments at the highest level, professionalism and adherence to best practice and cultural compatibility. These new member firms complement INAC’s representation in over 50 countries. ...



Onboarding coaching is increasingly being used by organizations as a means to help their new employees ensure that they know what is expected of them and to assist them in focusing on forging the relationships they will need to succeed in their new role. The transition skills an executive in a new role needs to use are often underused and underestimated. Onboarding coaching encourages the newly hired candidate to invest time in thinking about their transition process and to identify the skills they need to apply for a successful transition. ......



Your company wants to enter the Turkish market and you are concerned about finding and attracting top talent. The recruitment best practices you have at home will also apply in the Turkish market; that is, you need to thoroughly assess and evaluate candidates for key roles just as you would at home, including:......



South Africa, one of Africa's most developed economies, remains an exciting place to do business. Africa's "Rainbow Nation" continues to defy the expected with its mix of developed and developing economy challenges and unique opportunities......



INAC GLOBAL, a leading provider of Global Executive Search, today announced new additions to its network of seasoned executive search firms: Turkey-based OneWorld Consulting and South Africa-based Fusion Consulting. These additions will enable INAC to offer its international clients new localized talent solutions in two economies that have been gaining importance on the world stage.....



INAC GLOBAL, a leading provider of talent management solutions, today announced a new addition to its network of executive search firms: Singapore-based Reed Hamilton. This addition will allow INAC to offer broader and even more robust executive search services in the Asia Pacific region. Reed Hamilton is a distinguished executive search and management consulting firm and currently handles specialized assignments in such important business hubs as Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and Australia, among others....


USA: Susan Shultz, from INAC-USA, has joined the Barker Gilmore's Board Practice. Below you´ll find Baker Gilmore´s Press Release:

"BarkerGilmore, a New York-based executive search firm focused on General Counsel and Compliance, has announced industry veteran Susan Shultz will head up the firm's enhanced Board Practice. Bob Barker, Managing Partner of BarkerGilmore, says, "We are delighted to welcome Susan Shultz. With her unique expertise, BarkerGilmore will be positioned as a leading retained search firm in recruiting and structuring corporate boards, as well as legal and compliance officers."


Portugal: the perfect springboard for growing Portuguese-speaking markets in Africa.

Be successful in the fast growing Portuguese-speaking markets of Angola and Mozambique by using Portuguese talent and Portuguese executive search expertise. Last year Portuguese-speaking markets contributed 2% of world trade and generated wealth equivalent to 4.6% of world's GDP, with steady growth rates between 7% and 8% a year. [more]


Negative traits and flaws that can curb the professional development and performance of managers

Arrogance, extreme perfectionism, highly eccentric approaches….these are just a few of the traits and quirks present among certain executives with otherwise great potential. Some of these professionals are able to overcome such obstacles and reach the upper echelons of companies, while others allow these characteristics to become major flaws derailing their ability to direct a large-scale organization...


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