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INAC continually evaluates market changes and trends so that we can provide current, informed counsel to our clients and candidates.
8 New Partners Accelerate INAC’s Continuing Expansion
Shared executive search expertise across borders, with unrivalled local knowledge and contacts gives clients access to the highest levels of service and quality assurance worldwide. Rigorous vetting of new member firms underpins our commitment to providing executive search excellence globally across multiple industries and sectors.
The global network of like-minded independent executive search firms continues to develop and grow. Additions to the network in 2014 were from Australia, Slovenia, Belgium, Luxembourg, USA, China, Thailand and Morocco. See here more information. For details about joining the network and to hear about the advantages of becoming an INAC member email or visit
Women And Minorities On Bank Boards
Susan Schultz from INAC member firm Barker Gilmore searches for companies looking for new board members and always includes a woman on her shortlist of candidates. One woman particularly impressed her in a board search about a year ago for a New York Stock Exchange listed company.
Read the full article published in Bank Board Magazine here.
Getting on board
Susan Schultz from INAC member firm Barker Gilmore writes about getting on board in seven action steps — accompanied by a big dose of persistence, timing and luck. Call it the boardroom Catch-22: It’s difficult to get on a board if you don’t have board experience. But, you can’t get the experience without your first board seat.
Read the full article, published in Director and Boards Magazine here.
INAC Announce New Members in Morocco, Shanghai, Bangkok, Connecticut and Chicago
Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Global Assembly, April 2014
During the 43rd Global Assembly for INAC held in Dubai, a number of new member firms were formally accepted into the organisation. New member firms complete a rigorous vetting process to ensure the standards of the INAC global network are upheld. Firms were looked at for their executive search expertise across multiple industries to ensure a capability to deliver assignments at the highest level, professionalism and adherence to best practice and cultural compatibility. These new member firms complement INAC’s representation in over 50 countries.
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