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Q: What is INAC?
A: With over 20 years in the market, INAC is one of the world's leading and most innovative and collaborative organization of independent executive search firms. Every member of our global organization is committed to providing our clients the best recruitment assistance wherever in the world it is needed.
Q: Does working with an executive search service substantially improve my top talent search?
A: Absolutely. The best people are rarely looking for a new job – new opportunities come looking for them! Our clients benefit from not only the quality of candidates we bring, but also the counsel we provide in defining the profile and the business climate for the available position.
Q: What can I expect from a relationship with an INAC member office?
A: An INAC client can expect to enjoy a unique commitment to your success - an exclusive consulting relationship with us, which infers absolute confidentiality and an off limits clients’ employees policy. In addition, INAC member offices use the most thorough recruitment processes and advanced technology available, combined with specialized industry knowledge, to source, identify and recruit the best.
Q: Can any organization, regardless of its size, benefit from INAC’s services?
A: Yes. INAC provides executive search solutions for clients both big and small. Large organizations appreciate the speed, consistency and objectivity of our search process. Smaller organizations without the resources of larger companies can focus on the business and can be confident that they are recruiting the best.
Q: Where can I send my resume?
A: You may submit your resume directly to the member office located in the country of your interest. For a complete list of our member offices, please visit the Contact Us section.
Q: Could my current employer become aware of my registration in your candidate database?
A: The information in our database is held strictly confidential and under high security protocols. Only INAC team members are able to access our worldwide database and we do not share our database information with outside parties.
Q: What are the benefits of sending a search executive my resume?
A: Although we are proactive in reaching out to potential candidates, it always helps to keep an updated version of your resume in our worldwide database and to let us know that you are interested in advancing your career opportunities.
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