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1 Defining the position descripcion
Understande the context, client culture, scope and profile of the position, compensation, and target market.
2 The search
Embark on a proactive search for the best individuals, combining targeted, original research, INAC’s proprietary database, international partners and extensive networks.
3 Evaluating candidates
Conduct confidential in-person interview, including uniquely thorough review of competencies, professional references and background checks.
4 Presenting candidates
Within an average time span of 4 weeks, present 3 to 4 fully qualified candidates.
5 Interviews and negotiations
Assist with the entire process, from client interviews to contract negotiations and potential offers. Evaluate the quality of the search process with the client.
6 Onboarding
Six months after the candidate is successfully hired, the assignment is considered closed. The INAC lead consultant will communicate with both the client and the employee on a monthly basis to evaluate his/her job performance.
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